Doctoral School Programme on Urban Systems 2014

IDEA League Partners

TU Delft
ETH Zurich
RWTH Aachen

For the first time in history, the majority of the world´s population lives in cities. For 2050 it is already predicted that 70% of the world‘s population will be urban. One of the grand global challenges of our time is to develop attractive, resilient and sustainable cities and to restructure existing cities to meet future needs.

25 PhD students from the IDEA League universities will analyze selected urban systems in Europe and Asia, for an in-depth understanding of the underlying designs, engineering possibilities and governance options.

Take a look at the programme flyer.

Module 1

• at TU Delft 21-24 Aug 2014

Module 2

• at ETH Lab in Singapore 10-15 Nov 2014
• at SCUT in Guangzhou 15-20 Nov 2014

Module 3

• at RWTH Aachen 15-18 Jan 2015

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