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The IDEA League, founded in 1999, is a network of four leading universities of technology and science. Our joint activities in education, research and quality assurance, as well as our joint participation in EU programmes and initiatives make us a model of European cooperation. Together, we create added value by pooling resources for collaborative and complementary programmes for our students, researchers and staff.

Presseeinladung „SAM on Tour“

RSS RWTH Aachen - 21.10.2014

RWTH macht ihre SelfAssessments mobil – erster Besuch findet im Aachener Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium statt.

RWTH-Altkanzler Jürgen Keßler verstorben

RSS RWTH Aachen - 21.10.2014

Jürgen Keßler, von Januar 1988 bis Februar 2000 Kanzler der RWTH Aachen, ist am 16.10.2014 verstorben. Während seiner Dienstzeit als dritter Kanzler der RWTH gehörte Keßler den Rektoraten mit den Rektoren Klaus Habetha, Roland Walter und Burkhard Rauhut an.

20,000th enrolment at TU Delft

RSS TU Delft - 21.10.2014
For the first time in its history, TU Delft has 20,000 students. Pip Schuijt from Amsterdam is the lucky 20,000th student to have enrolled this year. She has been taking a Bachelor’s degree programme in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford in the UK, and is now taking the bridging programme in order to be able to start on the Mechanical Engineering Master’s degree programme next year. Anka Mulder, the vice-president of the Executive Board, today presented her with a fabulous cake in...

Neuer Studierendenflur der Biowissenschaftler

RSS RWTH Aachen - 20.10.2014

Die Studierenden der Aachener Biologie und Biotechnologie (ABBt) freuen sich über einen neuen Studierendenflur.

High Performance Treffpunkt

RSS ETH Zurich - 20.10.2014
The popular Treffpunkt Science City is ushering in the new season. From 26 October to 30 November 2014, various events will be held which focus on the theme of ‘high performance’. This is the first summit series under the directorship of Inge Keller-Hoehl, who has taken over from Mercedes Leupp and Rolf Probala.

Framing for freedom (from TU Delta)

RSS TU Delft - 20.10.2014
Industrial designer Hakim Sugito MSc. developed a frame to stabilize cameras while filming. He hopes that the system called Waltz will give independent filmmakers more freedom.

Wanderausstellung der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft an der Aachener Hochschule

RSS RWTH Aachen - 17.10.2014

Das Bürgerforum RWTHextern zeigt vom 22.10. bis 14.11.2014 die Wanderausstellung der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG, „Von der Idee zur Erkenntnis“. Eröffnet wird die Ausstellung am Mittwoch, 22.10.2014, um 18 Uhr im Foyer des Reiff-Museums, Schinkelstraße 1.


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