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The IDEA League, founded in 1999, is a network of four leading universities of technology and science. Our joint activities in education, research and quality assurance, as well as our joint participation in EU programmes and initiatives make us a model of European cooperation. Together, we create added value by pooling resources for collaborative and complementary programmes for our students, researchers and staff.

Bumblebee genome mapped

RSS ETH Zurich - 27.04.2015
A research collaboration spearheaded by ETH Zurich has shed light on the genome of two commercially important species of bumblebees. The findings provide unexpected insights into the ecology and evolution of bumblebees and honeybees.

A step closer to better weather and climate simulations with the graphics card

RSS TU Delft - 24.04.2015
Today, weather and climate forecasts are based largely on computer models. These models need huge computing power to be able to cope with the complexity of the global atmosphere, because of which they use the very latest and biggest computers possible. The faster computers become, the easier it is for weather and climate models to describe the atmosphere in more detail. As a result, the behaviour of clouds and atmospheric turbulence in particular can be calculated better and fewer assumptions...

Neuer Pavillon aus Textilbeton

RSS RWTH Aachen - 24.04.2015

RWTH Aachen weiht Pavillon in der Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße ein.

Dr. Johannes Teyssen sprach zu neuen Strategien der Energieversorgung

RSS RWTH Aachen - 23.04.2015

Vorstandsvorsitzender von E.ON SE an der RWTH Aachen zu Gast.

New stimulation method is more effective against brain and nervous disorders

RSS TU Delft - 23.04.2015
Brain stimulation is now being used successfully to combat diseases such as Parkinson's, chronic depression, pain and tinnitus. By making neurostimulators smaller and more energy efficient, they can be used more effectively and for a wider range of brain and nervous disorders. Marijn van Dongen made a prototype of a chip that enables this kind of neurostimulation to be used. On Friday 24 April, he will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on the subject.

Gegen Verschwendung: Einfach alles aufessen?

RSS ETH Zurich - 23.04.2015
In Sachen Essen wäre in Industrieländern weniger oft mehr: Übergewicht und ungesunde Ernährung machen viele Menschen krank. Macht es da Sinn, die heute verschwendeten Nahrungsmittel auch noch zu essen? Oder müssen wir den Hebel gegen die Verschwendung anderswo ansetzen?

TU Delft self-healing bio-concrete nominated for European Inventor Award

RSS TU Delft - 23.04.2015
Researcher Henk Jonkers from TU Delft and his bio-concrete have been nominated for a European Inventor Award, an initiative of the European Patent Office (EPO).


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