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The IDEA League, founded in 1999, is a network of four leading universities of technology and science. Our joint activities in education, research and quality assurance, as well as our joint participation in EU programmes and initiatives make us a model of European cooperation. Together, we create added value by pooling resources for collaborative and complementary programmes for our students, researchers and staff.

Ebola-Medikation – Möglich, aber umstritten

RSS RWTH Aachen - 24.10.2014

Bereits über zweitausend Todesopfer hat das Ebola-Virus, das in 80 Prozent der Fälle tödlich verläuft, laut WHO in Afrika bereits gefordert. Nun droht zudem eine weltweite Ausbreitung. Aber es existiert ein experimentelles Medikament, das vom Fraunhofer-Institut für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Ökologie an der RWTH als einziger Einrichtung in Europa hergestellt werden könnte. Allerdings ist das Medikament noch nicht freigegeben.

Flu viruses disguised as waste

RSS ETH Zurich - 23.10.2014
Viruses cannot multiply without cellular machinery. Although extensive research into how pathogens invade cells has been conducted for a number of viruses, we do not fully understand how the shell of a virus is cracked open during the onset of infection thus releasing the viral genome. An ETH Zurich led research team discovered how this mechanism works for the influenza virus – with surprising results.

Quality of university campuses is crucial for Europe

RSS TU Delft - 23.10.2014
The quality of university campuses has to be an essential part of the EU strategy for growth in the next few decades. That is the view of Alexandra den Heijer and George Tzovlas of TU Delft in their book, ‘The European campus – heritage and challenges’. The authors assert that the quality of European universities and their campuses are crucially important for education, research, and innovation, and for policies relating to these areas. Such quality also has an impact on the global ‘battle for...

Precise and programmable biological circuits

RSS ETH Zurich - 22.10.2014
A team led by ETH Professor Yaakov Benenson has developed several new components for biological circuits. These components are key building blocks for constructing precisely functioning and programmable bio-computers.

Presseeinladung „SAM on Tour“

RSS RWTH Aachen - 21.10.2014

RWTH macht ihre SelfAssessments mobil – erster Besuch findet im Aachener Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium statt.

RWTH-Altkanzler Jürgen Keßler verstorben

RSS RWTH Aachen - 21.10.2014

Jürgen Keßler, von Januar 1988 bis Februar 2000 Kanzler der RWTH Aachen, ist am 16.10.2014 verstorben. Während seiner Dienstzeit als dritter Kanzler der RWTH gehörte Keßler den Rektoraten mit den Rektoren Klaus Habetha, Roland Walter und Burkhard Rauhut an.

20,000th enrolment at TU Delft

RSS TU Delft - 21.10.2014
For the first time in its history, TU Delft has 20,000 students. Pip Schuijt from Amsterdam is the lucky 20,000th student to have enrolled this year. She has been taking a Bachelor’s degree programme in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford in the UK, and is now taking the bridging programme in order to be able to start on the Mechanical Engineering Master’s degree programme next year. Anka Mulder, the vice-president of the Executive Board, today presented her with a fabulous cake in...


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